Zulu milk pails and an assortment of treasures

    Like an Aladdin’s cave, once you’ve stepped into the darkened space and adjusted your eyes, the treasures of the continent glow back from the shelves, walls, ceilings and glass cabinets with extraordinary appeal, sophistication and authentic splendor. With 25 years’ experience, research and hundreds of thousands of kilometers of traveling under their belt,

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    Ebony Shona snuff containers

    The smell of soot, beer and sour milk.
    Remnants of the past deeply etched on the intricate patterns of  beer pots, milk pails and headrests….
    the deep patination of  wood, the simple lines …….and the history .
    We are passionate about artefacts …
    To call a piece of genuine craft a “curio” is to vulgarise one of the most dignified of human endeavours.

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    Throughout our journeys we meet people making craft using locally sourced materials….We’ve collected traditional leather and ostrich eggshell bags from the bushmen of the Kalahari. In northern Botswana and Namibia, the Khwe bushmen create beautiful traditional baskets from makalani palm leaves and natural dyes .  Nearer the cities and towns, there are artists making animals out of  scrap metal,  » Read more about: CRAFT  »


    Handmade protea heart necklaces and earrings by Annakie

    From ancient ambers, old heavy silver necklaces, crosses and status pieces to amulets, charms and costume jewellery, we offer a wide spectrum of adornment …….

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    Desert elephant, Kaokoveld, Namibia

    We have travelled over a million km’s in 26 years collecting artefacts. From the green hills of Zululand to the fertile flood plains of Zambia, exploring and searching for treasures.

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    Khwe woman elder, Northern Namibia

    There’s a vigorous musicality in the language of the Khwe Bushmen. Picture the scene …. there’s a woman weaving a basket round the fire, talking to her husband and nephew. The homestead is surrounded by a high grass fence, painstakingly maintained as and when the grasses become available. There are various utilitarian items scattered around the yard;

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