Like an Aladdin’s cave, once you’ve stepped into the darkened space and adjusted your eyes, the treasures of the continent glow back from the shelves, walls, ceilings and glass cabinets with extraordinary appeal, sophistication and authentic splendor. With 25 years’ experience, research and hundreds of thousands of kilometers of traveling under their belt, Steve and Juliette can regale you with tales and anecdotes of their travels; meeting chiefs and headmen, discovering beautiful rural villages, mechanical problems, border patrols, crocodiles and mud. It is with patience, skill and a healthy respect for the wilderness that they are able to bring Africa to you in this most unusual gallery where you can just sit down and quietly take it all in.

african-artefacts-gallery-cape-town (1)

Zulu milk pails and an assortment of treasures

african-artefacts-gallery-cape-town (2)

All around the gallery are shelves and boxes of African treasures

african-artefacts-gallery-cape-town (3)

The Oregon pine table used to belong to the South African Museum many years ago but is now the centerpiece of our gallery

african-artefacts-gallery-cape-town (4)

Lozi Drums, Tchokwe masks and assorted sticks. In the foreground is a Tonga funeral drum

african-artefacts-gallery-cape-town (5)

Spoons from various tribes and a Zulu meat tray

african-artefacts-gallery-cape-town (6)

Sticks, drums, Fulani gourds and Lozi food bowls

african-artefacts-gallery-cape-town (7)

Stools and Cewa masks, Eastern Zambia