The smell of soot, beer and sour milk.
Remnants of the past deeply etched on the intricate patterns of  beer pots, milk pails and headrests….
the deep patination of  wood, the simple lines …….and the history .  
We are passionate about artefacts …  
To call a piece of genuine craft a “curio” is to vulgarise one of the most dignified of human endeavours.
The discriminating collector can easily identify those objects which are genuine and have a ring of sincerity in them.
Most tribes have an intimate knowledge of the natural materials around them
from which traditional utalitarian items were produced and appreciated for their usefulness in comfortable living……

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Ovambo knife

Attractive Ovambo knife with wooden sheath and design

Arrow heads

Luvale metal arrow heads from the forests of western Zambia

Bushman bags

Old leather Bushman bags with colourful beaded adornment


Mwila adornment from Angola: a pair of conch shells on a leather thong


A cluster of African status sticks