From ancient ambers, old heavy silver necklaces, crosses and status pieces to amulets, charms and costume jewellery, we offer a wide spectrum of adornment …….

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Metal Himba bracelets

The Himba tribe are brilliant blacksmiths - creating jewellery and adornment from scrap metal onto which they burn geometric and rectilinear designs.

Baule brass

Striking brass Baule metal necklaces

Khwe bushman beadword

The Khwe Bushman of Namibia make these elegant ostrich egg shell bracelets combined with modern glass beads

Himba bracelets

Smaller PVC Himba bracelets with burnt geometric scratch designs. In the background are Himba childrens necklaces with shells and seeds

Copal Amber

Copal amber, not as old as the Baltic amber. These were collected during the 1970's from Ethiopia and the Sahara

Zulu necklaces

Very old blue, black, red and green glass beads with brass studs and tiny buck horns


An abundance of small, medium and very large agate

Zulu adornment

A collection of Zulu women's beaded neckpieces, aprons, shawls and belts

Brass anklets

Very old Zulu brass anklets and wristlets, some with metal studs

Ekipa & Ndoro

EKIPA and NDORO status pieces used in striking pieces of jewellery