We have travelled over a million km’s in 26 years collecting artefacts. From the green hills of Zululand to the fertile flood plains of Zambia, exploring and searching for treasures.


A hot day... the dense sound of cicadas .... and a village

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A small market town where one can buy bread, beer and little else! word is out that we're looking for old things!

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Another wild campsite, Central Zambia

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Desert elephant, Kaokoveld, Namibia

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An innovative signpost - Swaziland

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A sight for sore eyes ... Western Zambia

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Gathering stools and catching up with local news, Western Zambia

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Our translator and guide, with his family, praising God for visitors

travels-through-rural-africa (8)

Attractive pigsty, Western Zambia

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The daily collection of water is very sociable, colorful and, it appears, for women only!

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Theres something very elegant about the wooden mokoro ... father and son returning from checking fishing nets

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travels-through-rural-africa (12)

We're often asked to take (serious) family photographs, so I was delighted to capture this relaxed happy moment

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"Genesis welding solutions" A badly damaged bull bar fitting so we camped in the middle of a forest until we fixed the problem

travels-through-rural-africa (14)

Brilliant firewood, Bwabwata national park, Namibia

travels-through-rural-africa (15)

Our local supplier - with cool tunes too!

travels-through-rural-africa (16)

A very cool place to sit out the heat of the day, Western Zambia