So, how was it?
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did you meet Bandit and Gypsey?
Were there baboons barking from the rooftops?

Service ….?
Who attended to you?

You carry the experience
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What others have said about our shop:

Now there’s an idea … aha !      –    Roger Thomas, Cape Town


Red Rock Tribal – you have to see –
I think it’s time for a shopping spree!



If only I had more space in my luggage!    –    Cathy Wanvig, Singapore



Steven and Juliette and imagination
that makes or a stunning combination!     – Magda Alberts, Cape Town



Red Rock Tribal
teases the eyes
our brain is massaged



beneath the weathered rooftop
it sustains motion and music



Red Rock Tribal nurtures African arts
supports rural dreams                   –            Melvin Lewis – Chicago